AH-1W ‘Super Cobra’ Late version 1/72 Dream Model 720017


The AH-1 Cobra helicopter (Bell 209) is an attack helicopter in the classic layout, using many components of its “big brother” UH-1 Huey. The first flight of the AH-1 prototype took place on September 7, 1965 and the helicopter entered mass production in the same year. During the Vietnam War, 1,126 machines of the G model were produced, of which 279 were lost in combat. Due to the very high reliability of the structure, small side profile and good performance, the helicopter remains in service to this day in the US Marine Corps. The AH-1 allowed the US Army to fully implement the theoretical assumption of airmobile infantry (“air cavalry”) through the fire support of landing infantry units. Today, the AH-1 Cobra is primarily used against an armored celon. From 1965, several versions of this successful helicopter were created, including: AH-1G (basic version),

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